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DEHUKAM Maritime Labour Law Conference

“DEHUKAM International Maritime Labour Law Conference” organized by DEHUKAM in cooperation with Seafarers’ Union of Türkiye and Turkish Chamber of Shipping was held on 25 November 2022 at IMEAK DTO Assembly Hall.
The conference started with the opening panel of industry stakeholders. The opening panel was moderated by Mr. Prof. Hakan Karan, LLM PhD with the speeches of Mr. Hakkı Şekerbay, Deputy General Directorate of Labour, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Mr. İrfan Mete, President of Seafarers’ Union of Türkiye, and Mr. Att. Ahmet Can Bozkurt, Member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Chamber of Shipping.

In the second panel of the conference titled “Evaluation of Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006)”, moderated by DEHUKAM Expert Researcher Prof. XXX Ademuni-Odeke, LLM PhD, Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, LLM PhD, President of the World Maritime University, Ms. Ramat Jalloh, LLM lecturer at the IMO International Maritime Law Institute, and Mr. Jonathan Warring, Senior Legal Assistant at the International Transport Workers’ Federation, presented their valuable papers. In this panel, the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 was evaluated and the need for effective implementation in national laws was emphasized. It was stated that the regulation, which is a framework contract, provides strong protection for all stakeholders of the maritime industry if implemented effectively.

In the third and fourth panels of the Conference, Turkish maritime labour law and especially the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 were examined and the deficiencies were tried to be revealed. In this context, in the third panel titled “Employment Conditions in Turkish Maritime Labour Law”, under the moderation of DEHUKAM Board Member Prof. İsmail Demir, LLM PhD, Mr. Dr. Gökhan Türe, LLM PhD, Ms. Assoc. Prof. Şükriye Esra Baskan, LLM PhD and Mr. Assoc. Prof. Ulaş Baysal, LLM PhD made presentations.

In the last session of the conference titled “Termination of Seafarers’ Employment Agreement”, Mr. Mustafa Alp, LLM PhD, Mr. Dr Volkan Güneş, LLM PhD and Prof. Mahmut Kabakçı, LLM PhD made their presentations under the moderation of Prof. Gülsevil Alpagut, LLM PhD.