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DEHUKAM and the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change have signed the “Protocol for Capacity Development in Maritime Environment Law within the Framework of the Barcelona Convention and Other International Documents.”

DEHUKAM provides legal and technical support to the Ministry since 2021 in the context of ongoing projects aimed at preserving and promoting the sustainable use of the marine environment, in accordance with the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols, to which Türkiye is a Contracting Party.

In this regard, on June 15, 2023, the Protocol was signed with the participation of Eyyüp Karahan, General Director of Environmental Management at the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change, Nazan Özyürek, Head of Marine and Coastal Management Department, and DEHUKAM CEO Mustafa Başkara. As per the provisions of the signed protocol, DEHUKAM will continue to provide legal support to the Ministry throughout the years 2023-2024.