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Graduate Theses*


Graduate Theses*

Şevket Yozgat

The Arctic Ocean: Developments and Impact on Maritime Safety and Security

Larry Duane White

Ship Mortgages under American Law

Nur Özkan

Consortia and Strategic Alliances in Liner Shipping

Eren Ekrem Aksu

The Exclusive Economic Zone and Dispute over Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Jurisdiction Areas

Nisa Işıner

Scope of the Ship Mortgage and Mortgage Degrees

Irem Nihal Harmarcık

Irregular Migration as A Challenge To maritime security

Mustafa Yılmaz

Legal Assessment of Seaworthiness in Autonomous Marine Vehicles

Ekrem Emre Tombak

Fraudulent Ship Registry

Alp Eren Gül

Joint Development Zones as a Maritime Dispute Settlement

Asım Güzel

Evolution of Maritime Security: Events that Marked Its Evolution

Muhammed Zulfajrin

The Dispute Settlement of the Archipelagic States in Practice of the Philippines and Indonesia

Dmytro Lazebnyi

International Maritime Piracy as a Threat To the World Security: International Legal Mechanisms of Combat and Counteraction with Ukrainian Expertise

M. Can Kalkavan

Evolution of Maritime Safety to Maritime Security

Mary Akumu Onditi

Blue Economy: Can It Live to Its Promise?

Berilşah Kocabıyık

Legal Aspects of Exploitation Contracts in the Area

Seyhan Gül Yılmaz

The Legal Energy Regime of the High Seas

Onur Eren Saçık

Maritime Disputes Between Turkey and Greece: Similar Cases in Arbitration

Deniz Yakıştıran

Legal Status of Landlocked States

Ayhan Kaan Kalkavan

The Impact of Terrorism on Maritime Security

Mobarak Hossain

Towards Sustainable Blue Economy in the Bay of Bengal: Legal Challenges for Bangladesh

Skander Toumi

Pacific Island States and Seabed Mining: An Assessment of the Relevant Legislations

Md Syful Islam

Liability For Dangerous Goods: The HNS Convention 1996 To 2010 HNS Protocol

Claire Atangana Menyengue

The Missing Link in the Implementation of Piracy Conventions in the Gulf of Guinea

Bilun Erden

The National and International Legal Regime of Offshore Petroleum Operations

Khashayar Safavina

The Legal Regime of Islands of Abu Musa and Greater and Lesser Tunb in the Persian Gulf under UNCLOS

Buğra Erdem

Intercepting Migrant Boats in the Fight Against Irregular Migration at Sea within the Framework of International Law

Nino Samnidze

The Ship Registration System: An Analysis of International Law and Fraudulent Registration

Faten Loussaief

The Legal Effect Of Covid-19 On The Contract Of Carriage Of Goods By Sea

Francisco Javier Rozas

Deep Seabed Mining and Maritime Security

Diana Mudoola

Blue Economy and Integrated Transit Route in East African Community


*The students in this list have completed their postgraduate education in the masters with/without thesis and PhD programmes in English, having written thesis/term projects in the indicated topic and entitled to obtain a degree conducted within Ankara University Institute of Social Sciences Department of Maritime Law and Politics supported by DEHUKAM.