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Erasmus Accreditation in Vocational Education and Training, 2023.

The Role of Youth in Türkiye’s Marine Climate Strategy, 2023.

Project for Organizing The International Colloquium on Enforcement of Maritime Claims, 2023.

Project for Organizing 46th Conference on Ocean Law and Policy titled ‘Safe, Secure and Sustainable Shipping’, 2023.

Project for Organizing and Publishing an International Conference on Post-Graduate Research in Sea and Maritime Law., 2023.

Project for Organizing a National Conference and Publishing on the Russia-Ukraine War Impact on Marine Insurance, 2023.

Project on International Symposium on the Current Developments, 2023.

The Project for Exploring Potential Natural Sites with the Aim of Increasing the Protected Areas in Türkiye, 2023.

Project for Capacity Development in Marine Environment Law Within the Framework of the Barcelona Convention and Other International Documents, 2023.

From Idea to Economic Value: Capacity Development Project for Stakeholder Organizations in the Maritime Law Sector, 2023.

Research Project on the Rights and Authorities of Türkiye on Living Resources in the World’s Seas, 2023.

Research on Alternative Resolution Methods in Maritime Disputes and Establishment of a Maritime Arbitration Center in Türkiye, 2023.

Project on Technical Assistance in the Framework of Marine Environment Law Within the Scope of Studies on the Barcelona Convention, 2022.

Project on Researching, Evaluating of Technical Documents regarding the 22nd Meeting of the Parties to the Barcelona Convention to be Hosted by Our Ministry within the Framework of Marine Environment Law and Preparing Country Opinion, 2021.

2544 TUBITAK – JSPS Project: Research of the Joint Management Agreements (JMAs) and their Possible Implementations on the Maritime Resources in Disputed Maritime Zones from the Perspectives of the Japan and Turkey, 2021.

Participation to Clean Mediterranean Sea (CMS!) Project with National Report of Turkey, 2020.

TUBITAK 1001 Project: DEHUKAM’s Project 2019-2021 on the Research for the Sovereign Rights of Turkey regarding Energy Resources over the World Seas, 2019.

Project on the Turkish Naval Forces Certificate Program on the Law of the Sea, 2019.

Scientific Research Project on DEHUKAM – Republic of Turkey Ministry of Development Project, 2017.

Scientific Research Project on “Vocational Training within the Framework of Education Protocol between MTA and DEHUKAM within the frame of the Cooperation Protocol dated 28 March 2017 regarding the Sea and Maritime Law” sponsored by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources- General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA), 2017.

Scientific Research Project on “Ensuring the International Recognition of Ankara University Research Center of the Sea and Maritime Law” sponsored by Republic of Turkey Promotion Fund, 2016.

Project on “the Cooperation of DEHUKAM with Rhodes Academy of the Oceans Law and Policy, sponsored by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2015.