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Doctor of Philosophy | PhD


Doctor of Philosophy | PhD

PhD Programme Conducted in English in the Sea and Maritime Law

One of the priorities of the “Turkish National Maritime Research Strategy (TUDAS) Document,” approved by the Council of Ministers, is the improving and strengthening of research and education capacity in the field of the sea and maritime law. Ankara University National Center for the Sea and Maritime Law (DEHUKAM) as a research center was founded following the recommendation of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has gained the legal entity status and become a national center by the decision of the Research Infrastructures Commission.

With the aim of training qualified persons to work and do research in the area of the sea and maritime law, Ankara University Graduate School of Social Sciences runs “PhD Programme Conducted in English in the Sea and Maritime Law” which was approved by the Turkish Council of Higher Education.

The Program comprises twenty lectures specialized in mainly three major topics in this field: (i) the Law of the Sea, (ii) Maritime Law, (iii) Maritime Security Law. Lecturers who will deliver courses in the program will be from Turkey as well as foreign countries, with each lecturer being a specialist and/or practical expert in its academic field.

PhD Programme Conducted in English in the Sea and Maritime Law provides a PhD degree to Turkish and foreign students. For foreign candidates from Far East Countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia or Black Sea Countries such as Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria or African Countries are in the scope of Turkiye Scholarship Program and they can apply for such Scholarship. Further information regarding Turkiye Scholarship Program and application period can be discerned from <>.

PhD Programme Conducted in English in the Sea and Maritime Law is not subjected to per-credit fee since it is daytime education. However; Ankara University could require a per-year fee from Foreign Students. For per-year fee please follow <>.

Tuition fees, the date of application, the form of the exam, and the other conditions for participation in the PhD Program in the Sea and Maritime Law could vary every academic year on the decision of Ankara University and Turkiye Scholarships. Candidates wishing to participate in Programs are expected to follow related websites and our website:,