DEHUKAM Special Session “Irregular Immigration and Human Rights at Sea” will be held on 26th May 2022 at 15:30 (GMT+3) at the Union of Turkish Bar Associations Conference Hall, Ankara under Ankara Bar Association XII. International Congress on Law: Migration and Refugee.

Türkiye Scholarship Applications

There is a scholarship opportunity called “Türkiye Scholarship Program” for DEHUKAM Master’s (LLM) / PhD Program in the Sea and Maritime Law. Türkiye Scholarship Program offers scholarships to international students from all over the world to study in Turkey. Candidates should choose “Ankara University – The Sea and Maritime Law” as a Program name.


Application to the 2022-2023 Academic Year Fall Semester LLM without Thesis Programme […]
Ankara University National Center for the Sea and Maritime Law (DEHUKAM) and […]


DEHUKAM Newsletter

DEHUKAM Newsletter is an electronic bulletin where current national and international developments regarding sea and maritime law, as well as DEHUKAM’s educational programs, events and other activities are shared. For subscribe to our newsletter or mailing list to get updates from DEHUKAM, please type your info in the form.

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dehukam | FOUNDING

One of the priorities of the “Turkish National Maritime Research Strategy (TUDAS) Document”, approved by the Council of Ministers’ Decree No.2014/6798 is the employment and strengthening of research capacity in the marine sciences and, within this context, implementing education programmes for researchers in the field of the sea and maritime law. For this purpose and following the recommendation of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ankara University Research Center of the Sea and Maritime Law (DEHUKAM) was established within Ankara University.

dehukam | Natıonal center

DEHUKAM has gained the legal entity status under 6550 numbered Code (Araştırma Altyapılarının Desteklenmesine Dair Kanun) and has become a national center according to 07/10/2020 dated Decision of the Research Infrastructures Commission. DEHUKAM is the first and only national center on the sea and maritime law and policy in Turkey, as well as the first research infrastructure that has gained qualification in the field of social sciences within the scope of 6550 numbered Code. The Board of Directors of DEHUKAM consists of members from universities, public and private sector, and with DEHUKAM’s gaining the status of a national center, an academic institution that Turkey needs has been founded.

Journal of the Sea and Maritime Law

Following the recommendation of the Advisory Board of DEHUKAM at its meeting on 04/07/2016, a decision was taken on publishing a Sea and Maritime law Journal. Subsequent to a Protocol with DEHUKAM dated 03/18/2016, Legal Publishing Inc., undertook to publish a refereed journal called “DEHUKAM Journal of the Sea and Maritime Law” (DEHUKAMDER), starting from 2018. DEHUKAMDER will be issued twice a year (January and July). DEHUKAMDER will publish articles both in their original language (Turkish or English) and their translations (English or Turkish). DEHUKAMDER welcomes contributions on the sea and maritime law from all interested individuals.

Master (LLM) and PhD Programs
Sea and Maritime Law

Ankara University Graduate School of Social Sciences

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