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Prof. Dr. ADEMUNI-ODEKE’s name is given to the DEHUKAM Library

DEHUKAM Special Adviser Prof. Dr. ADEMUNI-ODEKE has made extraordinary contributions to the development of DEHUKAM and becoming an international center since its establishment. Prof. Dr. ADEMUNI-ODEKE’s name is given to the DEHUKAM Maritime Law Specialized Library with a ceremony on March 15.

Also at the ceremony, a Protocol was also signed regarding the donation of Prof. Dr. ADEMUNI-ODEKE’s maritime law library in England, which has approximately 1000 books, to DEHUKAM.

In Prof. Dr. ADEMUNI-ODEKE’s speech at the ceremony, he expressed his great happiness that his name was kept alive in DEHUKAM’s maritime law library.
DEHUKAM CEO Mustafa Başkara expressed his thanks to Prof. Dr. ADEMUNI-ODEKE for his contributions to DEHUKAM.
DEHUKAM Board Member and Chief Researcher Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir expressed his gratitude to Prof. Dr. ADEMUNI-ODEKE for making the most comprehensive donation ever made to the DEHUKAM library.

Students studying within the scope of DEHUKAM graduate education programs and DEHUKAM employees attended the ceremony.