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Post-Graduate Research Conference on International Sea and Maritime Law was Held

On June 19, 2023, the “Post-Graduate Research Conference on International Sea and Maritime Law” was held in collaboration between Ankara University National Center for the Sea and Maritime Law (DEHUKAM) and Aegean Region Research and Application Center (EBAMER). The opening speeches of the Conference were delivered by Gustavo Alonso Compos-Fallas, Ambassador of Costa Rica to Ankara, Prof. Dr. Ademuni-Odeke, Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, and Prof. Dr. Nil Kula. The first panel of the Conference, titled “Current Developments in Maritime Law,” was moderated by Prof. Dr. Nil Kula. In this session, Zeynep Damla Işık, a researcher at DEHUKAM, presented her paper titled “Future of Maritime Dispute Resolution: Assessing the Progressive Role of Med-Arb and the Effects of the UK’s Signature of the Singapore Convention,” Larry White presented his paper titled “Recent Developments in American Maritime Law,” Havva Okudan Soytürk presented her paper titled “Evaluation of the Concept of Flag of Convenience in the Light of Current Ship Registry Practices,” and Elida Jimenez Varela presented her paper titled “Trade Implications After a Legal Case: Philippines v. China.”

Following the first session, the second session titled “Current Developments in the Law of the Sea” began under the moderation of Prof. Dr. Yücel Acer. In this session, Eddward Rangel Medina presented his paper titled “The Opportunities and Challenges of Blue Energy Developments in Turkey and Venezuela,” Gökey Saraçyakupoğlu presented his paper titled “The Prohibition of the Abuse of Rights as a General Principle of Law and Its Applicability to the Law of the Sea in Special Regard to the Judgements of International Juridical Organs,” Eylül İrem Çavuşoğlu Koyuncu presented her paper titled “Examining the Turkish Legal Framework for Decommissioning of Offshore Installations,” and Claire Atangana Menyengue presented her paper titled “The Missing Link in the Failure to Contain Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.”

The third and final session of the Conference, titled “Current Developments in Marine Environment Law,” commenced under the moderation of Dr. Onur Akdaş. In this session, Megat Mohd Shauqi Megat Yahya presented his paper titled “The Effects of Climate Change on Maritime Crime,” Md Syful Islam presented his paper titled “Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies in Maritime Pollution Monitoring and Management,” Büşra Deniz presented her paper titled “Analysis of Ship-Sourced Marine Pollution Regarding Applicable Law and Turkey’s Standing,” and Mobarek Hossain presented his paper titled “Protection of the Marine Environment from Offshore Exploration Activities in the Bay of Bengal: A Case Study of Bangladesh.”

The conference concluded with a closing speech by DEHUKAM CEO Mr. Mustafa Başkara. We extend our gratitude to everyone involved in the Conference and all the esteemed participants.