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Arbitration is a method of resolving disputes that have arisen or may arise between two or more parties by an arbitrator or arbitral tribunal, which is an independent and impartial third authority, in accordance with the rules and law determined by the parties, provided that it is within the scope of the matters permitted by law. Alongside with factors such as lengthy proceedings in courts and high judicial costs, the existence of comprehensive and complex legislation and issues requiring technical knowledge and expertise is making it more challenging to resolve disputes through traditional judicial methods. Therefore, parties choose to resolve their disputes through arbitration considering the need for confidentiality and protection of reputation, considering disputes are being resolved fast and by experts in their fields, and processes being flexible, considering parties are able to freely agree on the laws and norms to be applied to the dispute. In the recent years, applications to arbitration in disputes arising from maritime law have been increasing in comparison to applications to the courts. Arbitration is helping disputes arising from maritime law to be settled through fast and peaceful means, supporting relations in their continuity in an orderly and reliable manner, positively impacting the predictable continuation of maritime trade and the development of the sector.

DEHUKAM, in regard to all this, supports the development of the arbitration mechanism in maritime law and the effective functioning of the maritime sector. DEHUKAM, which gives importance to research and publications in the field of arbitration, provides academic contributions to the sector by conducting studies on the effectiveness of the arbitration mechanism, problems encountered in arbitration practices and solution proposals, and supports the more effective and successful management of maritime arbitration processes.

Under the TÜBİTAK 1001 – Program for Supporting the Scientific and Technological Research Projects for the 1st Period of 2023, DEHUKAM has been entitled to receive support for the “Investigation of Alternative Resolution Methods in Maritime Trade Disputes and Establishment of a Maritime Trade Centre in Türkiye” project. Within the scope of the Project, in line with the objectives of contributing to the Turkish economy, increasing confidence in Turkish law and ultimately enhancing Türkiye’s credibility both domestically and internationally, especially on international platforms in maritime trade disputes, research will be carried out on Turkey having an international arbitration center in the field of maritime trade.