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Biodiversity refers to the diversity of life on Earth at different levels such as species, genetics and ecosystem. Biodiversity is of critical importance for humanity’s continued existence as the cornerstone of life on our planet. Marine Biodiversity is affected by many issues such as hunting and overfishing, climate change, pollution, and invasive foreign species. Biodiversity, which represents the richness of nature, has been in serious danger in recent years due to events caused by climate change and environmental pollution. This situation could threaten not only human life but all life on Earth in the long term.

Marine biodiversity is an important element of the sustainability of life and a healthy environment. In connection with this, issues directly linked to the ecosystem, such as climate change and environmental pollution, have reflections on biodiversity. Hazardous events occurring globally and regionally pose great risks. In this context, legally binding international conventions have been adopted to prevent irreversible losses and to protect biodiversity. The process of developing international conventions to protect marine biodiversity continues.

In this regard, DEHUKAM provides technical and legal support to the work carried out within the scope of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), to which Türkiye is a party. CBD aims to protect marine biodiversity, promote its sustainable use, and prevent damage to ecosystems. CBD is an important tool supporting international efforts to protect marine biodiversity through marine protected areas. The Convention plays a critical role in transferring the biodiversity of the world’s seas to future generations by ensuring the sustainability of marine ecosystems. Türkiye, which was among the first signatories of the Convention, ratified it in 1996. Currently, 196 states and the European Union (EU) are parties to the CBD Convention. The Convention is among the most globally recognized environmental conventions.

DEHUKAM was determined as the focal and coordination point between the BBNJ Secretariat and relevant institutions at the coordination meeting regarding the Agreement on Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ) negotiations held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 23 March 2021. In this context, coordination meetings were held at regular intervals with the participation of officials from the relevant Ministries. BBNJ regulates the sustainable use, protection and management of the seas. Each of these issues constitutes important agenda items in the law of the sea. Within the scope of BBNJ, especially; fishing, deep sea mining activities, biodiversity conservation, marine biotechnology and other marine resources issues attract attention. DEHUKAM actively participated in the BBNJ negotiations, and all processes were effectively followed. DEHUKAM continues to support the work carried out on the process of becoming a party to the BBNJ Agreement.